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More than meets the eye

Blade VS me娱乐时时彩平台安卓地址 Blade 4K


The Blade VS is an upgrade to our previous Blade models with a new state of the art appearance and comes with crystal clear HD by using high quality sensors and a multi glass lens. This camera has an outstanding Zoom Capability of 10x Optical and 10x Digital Zoom and a Full HD resolution at 30fps via USB 2.0! The Blade VS is a perfect alternative to an expensive solution designed for larger meeting rooms.

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The Blade 4K is the latest instalment to our Blade Series and an upgrade of the standard Angekis Blade designed for those who need the highest quality of images. Equipped with 5x 4K zoom, the camera can deliver exceptional 4K resolution at 30FPS, or full HD at 60 FPS. What’s more, the wide-angle field of view (86.5°) helps to ensure that everyone in the room gets to be part of a single stunning image.

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Blade me娱乐时时彩平台ios地址 Saber Light


Blade is a USB 2.0 PTZ camera with a 10x Optical zoom, which lets you get right into the action. And far end camera control via Sony Visca allows your team on the other side of the world control your camera! With a USB audio in at the back of the camera, you can easily connect a speaker phone directly to the Blade.

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Saber light is a USB 3.0 PTZ camera with a 5x Optical zoom. Saber Light gives you a great video quality of which image has great sense of depth with colors close to reality. 3 in 1 from one single USB cable, no more messy cable! 90°wide angle HFOV.

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Saber me娱乐时时彩平台地址检测 Saber 4K


The award winning Saber is the flagship model of the Angekis range. The Saber has a 12x optical zoom and can run via USB 3.0 at FULL HD uncompressed 60 frames per second giving you crystal clear image quality that is second to none. Connect and control up to 7 cameras together through to RS232 in and out. Simultaneously stream video through USB and DVI or HDMI!

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Saber 4K with a 12x optical zoom runs 4K 30fps over IP&HDMI and 1080p 60fps over IP,HDMI,SDI,USB3.

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If you are looking for Auto Pilot system,

we have the 2018 ISE the Best Award winning



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